Self paced blended learning course for patients with 

Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

On this blended course you will: 

Lesson 1: Learn about thyroid testing, what you need and what it all means. 

Lesson 2: Learn about how gluten may be impacting your thyroid and get simple tools to make healthy swaps.

Lesson 3: Identify symptoms that might indicate your digestion isn't functioning well and how it is having an impact on your thyroid.

Lesson 4: Understand how products we are exposed to have a direct impact on the functioning of your thyroid.

Lesson 5: Discover why diet diversity is so important for health thyroid function and how you can improve your diversity.  

Lesson 6: Identify regular stressors that may be impacting on your thyroid health and how you can reduce your overall stress load

Lesson 7: Learn how your blood sugars impact your thyroid and how to get off the rollercoaster for once and for all. 

Lesson 8: Identify whether there are some foods that may not agree with you and you might be intolerant to, how they are linked with certain symptoms and thyroid function.

Lesson 9: Discover how your sex hormones are closely related with your thyroid hormones, how to identify symptoms of sex hormone imbalance and what they have to do with your thyroid. 

BONUS VIDEO: Thyroid Hormone T4 to T3 Conversion

BONUS HANDOUTS: 7 Handouts including recipes and support guides

We are a team of Qualified and Insured Practitioners with over 65 years of experience between us. We have the knowledge and skills to help you to look and feel your best. 

Our aim is to provide you with tools to take control of your  thyroid.

"I have been on medication for an under active thyroid for 15 years. Throughout that time my medication has fluctuated in dosage strength - I went as far as taking 150mg a day. Ann Ahern was the first person to make me aware of the benefits of focusing on the food I was eating to help with good thyroid function. My discussions with Ann were both enlightening and heartening - she was very keen to help me to get my new eating pattern to slot in with my life style. Ann was so patient and encouraging as well as being so knowledgeable on the area of thyroid nutrition, I was very happy to work with her to improve my health"

"Have seen Cathriona regarding my thyroid in the last few months, she has given me some great advice to help the thyroid function better through nutrition, I now have more energy and not as tired" 

"I'm very grateful to Maria as, thanks to her, I even know I have Hashimoto's. For 20 years I thought I had hypothyroidism. None of my doctors ever addressed my symptoms nor explain me the thyroid markers. I used to have a weight problem, sensitivity to cold, hair loss, very irregular and painful cycles and frequent flus. Thanks to Maria's guidance we focused on my blood markers, diet and lifestyle, and following her advice my overall health improved 100%"

100% Money back guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch and we'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis who wants to know why they have it and what they can do to improve their symptoms and overall health

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have a month to complete the course, from the date you sign up

What can I expect?

There are 9 video's, where each Nutritional Therapist will teach you something important relating to thyroid health. After each video, you have the option of completing a short task relating to that video. The task is valuable for helping you see how relevant each area is to your personal situation and also for us to gather relevant information for your one to one call with one of us at the end of the course.  You can choose how interactive you want to be with the course, you are under no obligation, but the more information we have the more we can help you.

How will this course help me?

This course will guide you through various aspects that may be impacting on your thyroid health. You will not only get to understand what foods may impact your thyroid, but we will teach you what the thyroid tests mean, how your lifestyle may be affecting your thyroid and ways to find the answers to why your thyroid is not working as it could. 

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